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Our award winnng bakery is a 100% dedicated gluten free, soy-free, peanut free facility. We make a huge selection of lactose, dairy free, vegan, egg-free and sugar-free items.  We cater to a wide variety of other allergies as well.   

But our specialty is making gluten free taste better than any baked good.      


Here at The Joy of Gluten Free, we make fabulous food everybody loves. We have 90+ products made from scratch and available every day; the largest selection in North America (that we're aware of)! We use 22 different kinds of flours to create the most delicious and innovative gluten free food that you have ever tasted. We are here to make people's lives easier and happier. Come and visit us - your taste buds will thank you!


Susan Phipps, Owner/Founder/Chef

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